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La Forza Cane Corso is a breeder of the amazing and rare Italian mastiff located in Grayson GA. Our dogs are selectively bred for good structure, stable temperament and health. 


Our bloodlines come from proven and healthy lines! We take great pride in the persuit to preserve the Cane Corso. Correct type, good health, balanced temperament is our lifestyle at La Forza.


We also take responsibility in our breeding program and health test our dogs to be free of hip and elbow dysplasia to ensure healthy offspring. We start socializing our puppies to make sure they grow confident and with the correct temperament making them great companions and guardians! 


Our dogs are family so we make sure they are placed in the correct homes to ensure a succesful life for the puppy and owner. Give us a call for more information on the breed or if you would like to meet our Cane Corso's. 


Cane Corso's are true guard dogs for personal and property protection. They are very loyal and loving to their family which makes them a great family dog. He requires an owner with a strong attitude to lead him and train him. Lots of attention and socialization is required at a young age. The Cane Corso is not for everyone. Please research this breed before deciding to purchase one as they are a big investment.